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Top Payment Methods in Online Casino Singapore

Top Payment Methods in Online Casino Singapore
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Top Payment Methods in Online Casino Singapore

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In the online casino Singapore scene, things can get pretty wild (to put it mildly). One way to up the ante and bring more players to the casino table is by offering a bunch of secure, trustworthy payment options. So, if you’re a slot game online Singapore enthusiast (or any casino games at all) and you’re itching to find out the scoop on the hottest payment methods people are using on Singapore casino online sites, take a look below:

Credit and Debit Cards

There is a lot of talk about using plastic for playing online casino games. Some countries might even declare, ‘No more credit cards in online casinos!’. The thing is, credit cards are pretty common for payments in every trusted Singapore Casino online, like BP77, MYBET88, Digi888 or any other ewallet casino Singapore of your choosing, as well as casinos from other countries. Those who are regular users of credit cards know they’re extremely handy for adding cash to every Singapore Casino, but when it’s time to cash out, things get trickier.

Now hold on, the credit card game might be nearing its end at Singapore Casino online (at least from what we can see), and we could see more users opting for debit cards down the line. Debit cards are a casino game provider and a player’s best friend. Our debit cards, our unsung heroes here, don’t let you spend what you don’t already have in your bank account. Plus, they’re lightning-fast, and just plain convenient. So, if you’ve got a bank account, having a debit card is a no-brainer. They’re easy on the wallet, and they zip through transactions without a hitch. If you’ve got a bank account, having a debit card in your pocket is a smart move.

Anywho, let’s clear the air. Credit cards might seem like debit cards, but they’re different animals. With credit cards, you’re borrowing money from the bank to make your payments. But what every Singapore casino online credit card user should keep in mind is that they have to bear additional charges as well, including interest rates that vary from one bank to another (yikes!).

Now, it might seem like using credit cards and debit cards make the most sense. Still, you need to watch out for some hiccups when you’re loading up your Singapore casino online accounts with these methods:

A real pain is that, whether you use a credit or debit card, any of those options could potentially be declined. We have personally experienced this issue, and there are many reasons why this unfortunate event occurs. Most times, this could be due to insufficient funds or you can’t exceed your credit card limit. It’s a good idea to, before you finalize a card as your online casino deposit option, check your billing information to ensure it’s up to date and have your money in order so that when it’s time for you to fund your preferred Singapore casino online account, you don’t run into any speed bumps.

ATM Cash Deposit

Gen Z Singaporeans, listen up! Before the internet takes over our planet, there’s a little trick up everyone’s sleeve besides the usual online deposit thing – it’s called ATM Cash Deposit. In brief, for those who grew up with iPads and smart devices, ATM deposit is like doing an online bank transfer, but the twist is that instead of transferring money from your bank account to another person’s bank account, you deposit money into your own bank account. The process can be done through an ATM machine, and you must have your own debit card in your hand. 

Allow us to elaborate further, here’s how it works: first, pick your favorite bank and get the Singapore casino online’s bank info (the same info for online bank transfer) from their online deposit page. Now, the next step is this exact ATM Cash Deposit process we’re talking about, you have to hit up the nearest ATM machine and drop some cash right into the casino’s account.

But don’t forget the most important part – you’ll need a reference number for your transaction. You can even snap a pic of your cash deposit receipt and upload it to the Singapore casino online’s deposit system to speed things up (well, let’s just say the ewallet casino Singapore needs solid proof of your payment). But fair warning, this ATM Cash Deposit thing takes a bit more time and effort compared to Online Bank Transfer and Payment Gateway. So, just saying, using those two might be smoother sailing.

Online Bank Transfer

Alrighty then, let’s dive into another way to load up your Singapore casino online account – good ol’ bank wire transfer. Using online banking for your gaming needs, for a majority of players, is an excellent option for fueling your Singapore casino online adventures.

Now, when it comes to making payments online, the kingpin is definitely the online bank transfer. Most Singapore Casino online operators roll out the red carpet with ‘Online Bank Transfer’ as the top choice to get those deposits flowing.

Let us give you the scoop: you pick your favorite bank, and the Singapore casino online serves up the latest deets for that bank. Simple enough, right? All you need to do, basically, is shuffle some money from your bank account into your ewallet casino Singapore by dropping it into the platform’s account. After you do the cash shuffle, toss that reference number their way to hit the turbo button on the deposit process.

Now, you might be wondering which banks are in on the action. Well, the Singapore casino online scene has a few banks in the mix. For instance, Cloudflare certified Singapore casino online – BP77 buddies up with multiple local banks inMerlion Land, allowing their patrons to deposit and withdraw funds with ease.

Well, well, things are not always rosy. Remember, amigos, Singapore casino online operators, for whatever reasons, like to shake things up by updating their bank account info. And being cautious is never a bad thing, so we’d suggest you to always double-check those ewallet casino Singapore account details before you hit send on your online transfer.


Hold onto your hats, people, because the crypto train is zooming through every market, shaking things up in the world of online transactions. As obvious as daylight, cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are quickly becoming the cool kids on the online platform block. Singapore casino online providers are catching on to this wave of new tech and are starting to use crypto in their games, and here’s why:

  • Lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals that’ll make your head spin.
  • Ironclad security with encryption to keep your data locked up tight.
  • Transactions that can’t boomerang back at you, protecting you from shady business.
  • Plus, they won’t rob you blind with sky-high transaction fees.

So, how do you get crypto in the game? Well, you snag yourself some crypto iGaming software, which transforms your regular Singapore casino online website into a crypto-only wonderland. And when it comes to the star players of cryptocurrencies, you’ve got to give props to: Fasttoken, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Tether.


Hold your phone, folks! E-wallets are the hot new trend for making online payments. In fact, the worldwide craze for e-Wallets and mobile wallets hit a whopping 49% in 2022. Blame it on the pandemic pushing people to go contactless or just the need for lightning-quick transactions. Whatever it is, e-Wallets are rocking the scene.

These digital wallets aren’t just fast; they’re like your personal bodyguards, keeping your bank account safe and sound while you play at the ewallet casino Singapore, which is why they’ve become the go-to for gamers and players alike.

Now, different countries have their favorite e-Wallet providers, but a few heavy hitters tend to make the cut in almost every Singapore casino online payments. Keep an eye out for: PayPal, Skrill, Help2Pay, QRPay, Neteller and FastPay

Highly Recommended Ewallet Casino in Singapore

Now, let’s find out what are the best ewallet Casino Singapore. Just to give you a hint, we have not one, not two but three options to present to you!


BP77 is your go-to Singapore casino online, launched in 2021. The platform caters to players with lightning-fast top-ups, 24/7 customer support on various channels, and top-tier player safety. Newbies get treated like royalty with fantastic welcome bonuses. BP77 is the ultimate gaming destination in Asia, no doubt about it!


MYBET88  leads the charge in the online casino revolution, a trend that’s been sweeping the globe for years. This ewallet Casino Singapore is Asia’s top spot for online gambling, and they’re all about ensuring every customer has a blast.

Compared to old-school casinos, online joints like Mybet88 have some killer advantages. But hey, we get it – first-timers might worry about online shadiness, and MYBET88 is aware of that. Having a safe and secure place to play is their core business, and they’ve got your back. So here, your money’s safe, and they’ve stacked the deck for you to win big.


Digi888 casino keeps it chill with a no-nonsense user interface design that’s all about the basics. If you’re in Malaysia or Singapore,this ewallet Casino Singapore has got your back with banking options that fit the bill, letting you handle your cash in local currency.

Now, let’s talk bonuses. Their E Wallet welcome offer can beef up your stash by up to 70%. It might not be the absolute top dog, but it sure comes in handy when you’re just getting started. And their games? Oh yeah, they’ve got the good stuff from top-notch gambling hotshots like Jili, Playtech, and Evo888.


So there you have it, a quick and easy rundown of the different ways to grease the wheels of your Singapore casino online adventures. Just remember, in this game, staying sharp with your payment options is key. Don’t get caught with your chips down!

If you are ready, head to one of those casinos we suggested above and get your winnings! Still need our suggestion? Well, let’s start with BP77 Singapore casino online then!


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