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BP77 - Best Online Sportsbook Singapore with Real Money

Is it much harder these days to find a decent online sportsbook Singapore or are we just imagining it? There are so many local online gambling platforms to choose from, not to mention those from other countries that accept Singapore players (which, unfortunately, most of us do not consider since currency conversion can be problematic). 

So, together, let’s find out what’s going on in sports betting circles and where is the best virtual venue in BP77 Singapore for sports betting!

Top Famous Vendors For Online Sports Betting Singapore

Let’s start this article by discussing our favorite sportsbooks in Singapore!


CMD368 is a platform for sports and esports betting Singapore that arrived on the gambling scene in 2016. The Cambodia-based company operates under license from a well-respected regulator, the Cagayan Economic Zone and Free Ports, and so the possibility of unfair betting is out of the question here. The 7-year-old company caters (almost exclusively) to Asian players, particularly those in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The company, however, isn’t currently rolling out the red carpet for players from several countries in Europe as well as some in Asia, like Hong Kong. 

What makes CMD368 stand out, perhaps less unexpectedly than what you’re thinking, isn’t because they have different games than other platforms. More than anything else, it’s the sheer variety of bets at CMD368 that’s turning bettors’ heads. Betting on football on this platform, for example, involves Hong Kong rates, European rates, Indonesian rates and Malay odds.


This platform has been featured in every reputable online sportsbook in Singapore for two decades now, and it seems that their customer base, largely Asian, is only going to multiply in the coming years. The platform, as many of you know or may not know, has online live casino options with the most authentic casino vibes. One of the reasons sports bettors love M8BET’s platform is because of its robust set of features, among which, perhaps one that stood out to us the most, is live streaming.

Although we couldn’t find MMA and golf anywhere on the list, M8BET still keeps us entertained with its 13 sports coverage options, which include, just to name a few popular choices; tennis, snooker, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Also, there are usually a multitude of betting options available at once for each sport. Over a thousand bets can be found in its football section, for instance.


Maxbet is a prominent player in the Asian sports betting market. What makes almost every online sportsbook Singapore keen on partnering with this Asian-oriented bookmaker is, in large part rather than solely, because of its exceptionally competitive odds for every sport they cater. 

Maxbet’s specialty is parlay betting. And if you feel like betting on more than just a couple of sports at the same time, you’ll be happy to know that the platform readily allows players to place bets on multiple sports with one slip. It seems like Maxbet’s ease of use is also another factor contributing to its popularity. This platform thoughtfully puts helpful subsections under their different menus. If you click on, once again for example, their football section, you’ll find options like total goal, last goal, correct score and so on. 

Singapore Pools

Here is the name every sports betting Singapore fan knows and loves. There was a time when the business was famously known (within Singapore) for taking bets over the phone. However, it stopped doing so completely in 2022 due to declining demand for the service that followed the launch of its online betting portal. Today, there are about ten types of bets you can place on Singapore Pools’ online platform, such as 1st goal scorer, 2way/3way, over/under, score prediction, halftime winner, etc.

Though not many sports are available on the site, which sadly is a major downside to us players, Singapore pools’ odds are quite good and are in decimal forms. The platform is also available in mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, allowing Singapore sport fans to monitor their wagers on the go.

Types of Online Betting Sports Games in BP77 Singapore

Here are some sports and their biggest events that might pique your interest.

Football Betting - UEFA Champions League, Premier League, FIFA

Football is, naturally, the most watched sport in the world. The truth that doesn’t get talked about as much as it should be, is that football fans enjoy betting on their favorite games just as much as they enjoy watching them – simply because it adds excitement and monetary value to the experience.

Football matches happen almost every day throughout the year, but betting is most lively during those games of the world’s most prestigious clubs, such as the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, and FIFA. If you’re an online sportsbook Singapore bettor, yet a novice to football betting, you first need to understand three basic types of football odds: over/under, moneyline and point spread. The point spread, just to give you a rough idea, compares the final score difference between two football teams.

Basketball Betting - NBA

Nothing excites basketball fans more than the approaching NBA regular season, which typically kicks off every year around October. The tournament involves 30 NBA teams, with 82 games for each. Bettors from all over the world are thrilled with the possibility of profiting from this epic event, especially through the use of prop bets, game totals, money lines, etc.

In-play betting is very common during NBA matches since most of them involve big momentum swings. Also, before the game begins, bettors should know that there are many factors to take into account when wagering on NBA games. According to experts, one of the most basic tips is to stick with the home team, who normally has the upper hand especially when facing an away team weary from traveling to the other side of the US.

Cricket Betting - ICC

Although less popular in Asia compared to the two sports mentioned earlier, cricket is the sport of choice for bettors in many parts of the world. With more than a hundred member nations, the ICC (aka International Cricket Council) offers a wide variety of matches featuring 3 different game formats for bettors to enjoy. 

For cricket fans, choosing a sport betting site covering tournaments like ICC Champions Trophy and ICC World Cup is the best option. Aside from that, selection of betting options plays an important role as well. This is because, apart from typical betting options like over/under or handicap, cricket betting involves unique features like match bet, tied match, outright winner (the most popular option), series winner, top batsman, and top bowler. 

Tennis Betting - Wimbledon Championships

In the US and in many parts of the world, tennis is second only to football in popularity. The most exciting event for tennis bettors, of course, is the Wimbledon championships.

It is common for live in-play betting to be highly anticipated during Wimbledon matches. In the past, things used to be much easier for Wimbledon watchers as there had been, generally, only three names to bet on: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Although things have changed, and tennis betting has become less straightforward for followers, most of today’s sports betting Singapore fans know their money is best placed on the top 10 players during the early rounds of the Wimbledon championships.

Football matches happen almost every day throughout the year, but betting is most lively during those games of the world’s most prestigious clubs, such as the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, and FIFA. If you’re an online sportsbook Singapore bettor, yet a novice to football betting, you first need to understand three basic types of football odds: over/under, moneyline and point spread. The point spread, just to give you a rough idea, compares the final score difference between two football teams.

Badminton Betting - World Championships, Thomas Cup

Singapore sports enthusiasts enjoy badminton games for a number of reasons. One of the reasons might be that there are many talented male players from Asian countries, especially those from Malaysia and Thailand. The Thomas Cup is known as the Men’s World Team Championships in which top national teams compete for one of the largest prize money in the sport. The thing is, it’s not just the badminton players that are hoping for the big rewards – it’s the bettors too. 

Types of bets on Thomas Cup matches, as well as on other badminton tournaments, are practically the same as other sports’ standard bets. When betting on Thomas Cup games, there are, commonly, as many as sixteen nations to root for. 

Why Bet on BP77 Singapore?

Now that you’ve mastered some of the sports betting basics, let’s learn more about BP77 – here are the reasons why it could be your go-to gambling platform:

Instant Live Score & Sports Game Match Available

It goes without saying that in every game, there are frequent and significant shifts that bettors, whether betting in-play or otherwise, need to pay attention to. Thanks to BP77’s team of brilliant web developers, the platform allows sports bettors to closely monitor the matches in which their money is at stake. As if that is not enough, the website is also equipped with instant live scores for players to see game results in real time. So, say goodbye to the hassle of manually searching for the latest scores or where to keep up with your games now that BP77 is packed with convenient features just for sports bettors.

High Betting Odds & Lines

As we all know, online casino operators provide different odds based on their liability, betting lines, and betting action. The majority of bettors spend hours on the internet trying to find a platform with the best odds, so they can win more money (obviously).

Good news is, there will be no need for you to search for a sports betting Singapore platform with the best odds from now on. BP77 has gathered all the sportsbooks known for having the most favorable betting odds and lines under one roof, all for its members’ convenience.

Top Singapore Sportsbook Betting App for Mobile & Desktop

What could be better than betting on your favorite Premier League match on the go, or checking your winnings on NBA betting while you are out and about? 

BP77 allows you to join in the fun wherever you are, whenever you want, and with whatever device you use. Unlike other gambling platforms, BP77’s mobile version is compatible with all operating systems. And just as with its desktop version, you can do everything in no time; from funding your account, to placing and confirming a bet, all through your phone or tablet, as long as you stay connected to the internet.

Exciting Sports Betting Promotions & Bonus

BP77 is brimming with an array of promotions and bonuses. To give you a few examples, you are eligible for a 100% welcome bonus up to SGD 300 when betting on sports for the first time. Plus, you can claim a 10% reload bonus just by making a deposit of SGD 20 or more. Not to mention a number of other promotions available to help you recover your losses, such as a referral program, weekly rescue bonuses, cash rebates and a whole lot more.

Join BP77 Sportsbook Singapore Today!

BP77 is the ultimate online sportsbook Singapore. Apart from unbeatable odds and lucrative offers, the platform also provides players with high levels of safety and security. 

BP77 is trusted by thousands of players across Asia, most of whom have been our customers for several years. Because, as well as being fun, gambling platforms should also offer ongoing income opportunities and financial information protection, but none can deliver all that better than BP77 Singapore. Now that you know, don’t wait any longer and join BP77. Check out all the perks for yourself and thank us later.


1. How to bet sports Singapore pools online?

There are a couple ways to bet on sports with Singapore Pools. The most popular way is to bet directly through its online channel. 

2. Where can I bet sports in Singapore?

There are many sites to bet on sports in Singapore. The best platform should be local operators and BP77 is the leading sports betting platform in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

3. Can you online gamble in Singapore?

There are many online betting sites operating in Singapore. The government allows betting on sports through channel like Singapore Pools.

4. Is it legal to bet on sports in Singapore?

Sports betting is legal in Singapore with licensed operators.