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Spade Gaming: A World of Thrilling Adventures and Endless Entertainment Awaits

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Download Spade Gaming Latest Version Game Client APK / IOS 2023

What is Spade Gaming?


Online casino Malaysia Spadegaming is known for its exciting slot games and other casino games. One of the biggest advantages of Spadegaming is you can play free Spadegaming slots online in Malaysia for free before wagering with real money.

Spadegaming is a great option for those players looking for a trustworthy and reliable online casino. They offer a wide variety of games, including the ever-popular Spadegaming slot games. These games are easy to play, visually appealing, and have the potential to yield substantial payouts.

To start your adventure with Spadegaming, simply download the Spadegaming slot APK.  Once you have the software installed, you can start playing your favorite games right away.

Spadegaming slot is a good choice for everyone seeking to have a quality online gaming experience. With their wide range of game options, free play, and easy accessibility through Spadegaming download, players are sure to have a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Why Choose Spade Gaming? Overview, Tips and Tricks

Spade Gaming: Background and History

Spade Gaming is an Asia-based company founded in the Philippines in 2007 by a team of progressive entrepreneurs. The game developer provides more than 100 games including slot games, table games and arcade games. Spadegaming’s games have become famous for their stunning graphics and Asian-themed gameplay. Over the years, spadegaming has gained a wide reputation as one of the industry’s leaders on the Asian market, notably in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Spadegaming offers immersive gaming options, ranging from adventurous gaming such as ‘Heroes’ to fun and vibrant games such as ‘Sweet Bakery’. In 2019, Spade Gaming acquired a Malta Gaming Authority license, making it one of the first online slot games providers in Asia to obtain this license.

More than a few readers are probably ready for quality Spadegaming slots after reading the above passages. Please be patient, you will get to experience Spadegaming’s products all in good time. Before heading to any online casinos, let’s first take a dive into why you should try Spadegaming’s games and how to play (—and win!) their games in online casinos.

Best Spadegaming Slot Games

Tired of slot games with repetitive concepts? Find Spade Gaming games to play in an online casino. It is literally a cure for your boredom!

Spadegaming games provide a top-notch graphics with unique themes and storylines. The boundless creativity of Spade Gaming’s games are one of the reasons why users love to play them.

Now, let’s get to know more about Spadegaming software:

Heroes: Rise of the Legend

Heroes is, without a doubt, their most popular game. The mediaeval-themed slot game is easy to be played. It features four heroes each with a different strategy for winning. The characters to play are King Arthur, Iron Khan, Princess Yue, and Master Jiang. You can play this game on desktop PC, tablets and smartphones.

Be prepared for the main game to begin after 25 heroes counts. Random heroes will appear during the game. Players will receive a reward and bonus for items that match their hero.

If you are looking for some tips, here they are. Our recommendation is to place a minimum bet at first, then increase it once you enter the main game.


Here comes one of the most classic slots of every online casinos. This Chinese-themed slot is fun, simple and straightforward. FAFAFA is a slot game with a single payline that allows players to win each spin. Players will have to match at least 3 symbols simultaneously on a single line to be rewarded. For rewards, find a sign of dragons on the screen and merge them into one pattern.

It is a good idea to place high bets when playing FAFAFA, since one wheel has only three reels. Each reel has WILD in it. However, before you continue to play, consider how much you are willing to risk from your total credit and watch your bankroll.

Magical Lamp

Magical Lamp by spadegaming brings fantasy to life. This slot video is suitable for gamers who want incredible graphics and refreshing animations. The multiple paylines game features our favourite childhood characters such as Aladdin and Genie — team up with Abu, Princess Jasmine and Jafar. This game, too, is available as a mobile version.

Magical Lamp has 5 stripes to play with. This slots game’s tips advise players to place at least 1% of their total credit to boost the chances of getting free spins. 

Iceland SA

Another amazing software from Spadegaming, Iceland SA is available on desktop and mobile platforms. Iceland SA’s quality sound effects bring its imaginary frozen kingdom to life.

In this game, players will find exciting features such as scatter symbols, wild symbols, and bonus rounds. These paylines will give you numerous chances to create a winning combination on each spin. You have to position at least 3 symbols consecutively on a payline to receive get paid.

Enjoy Spade Gaming’s Casino Games on Mobile

Have you ever been frustrated by a slow download speed? This is definitely not going to happen when you play Spade Gaming’s games. It takes only a few seconds for spade gaming slot games to be downloaded in the browser, not to mention most recent creations from spadegaming that allow casino users to play both in portrait and landscape modes. This unparalleled technology guarantees seamless mobile gaming experience on every device.

Spadegaming slots have graphics that run smoothly on any device because are created using HTML5 technology. In 2013, the company started developing its mobile technology and began to improve over the years. Today, players from almost every corner of the world can easily access Spade Gaming slots on mobile devices powered by IOS or Android.

Licensed Gaming Operation by the Malta Gaming Authority

In case you are wondering if Spade Gaming online casino platform is trustworthy, Malta Gaming Authority has granted a license to the company. This allows Spade Gaming, as a licensed company, to legally distribute its software products across the world. Furthermore, the jurisdiction oversees the transparency and fairness of licensed software providers, so you can rest assured that spadegaming is truly a responsible gaming operator.

Count on Spadegaming for Security Matters

Spade Gaming is encrypted with several security measures. The company’s legitimacy is one of the reasons for its rapid expansion in Asia, primarily in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. This company’s growth is not only limited to Asia, but also expands to the European market, where its software is recognized by a large customer base.

Legitimate developers such as Spade Gaming also value their random number generator to ensure their software is thoroughly tested by external auditors.

What is more, Spade Gaming also encrypts sensitive and personal information as part of its security measures. Spadegaming takes this measurement seriously to protect users’ information confidentiality.

Earn Real Money with Slots

Before we continue to play, let’s not forget our goal: earning cash. Spade Gaming in casinos has a wide range of slots that deliver high chances of winning progressive jackpots. We recommend you play these following casino games as titles; Dragon Empire, 168 Fortunes and Double Flame.

Spadegaming Arcade Games

Arcade-style casino games from Spade Gaming are just as popular as slot games. Although arcade games are not available on every casino platform, they are possible to be found on reputable sites, such as Bp77. For those who are interested to play, the following are titles of a few selected games; Derby Express, Animal Paradise and Goblin Treasure

Get Countless Bonuses 

First of all, it is important to remember that top slot operators, such as Spade Gaming, offer loads of bonuses and promotions. Its bonus technology allows players to benefit from free spins or Colossal symbols on reels. Secondly, integrating Spadegaming via SoftGamings’ unified API software also helps players access SoftGamings’ exclusive standalone bonus system. This means a bunch of loyalty bonuses and exciting promotions.

Experience Quality Customer Services

Customer support is the heart of business — and Spade Gaming does not take this lightly. Customer service team is available 24/7 at this online casino. If there is a problem, be it money-related or software-related, such as integrating APIs, the casino operators are always there to make sure it is resolved as soon as possible. Customer support readily access via phone and email so just relax and play!

Become a Pro Player with These Tricks

Would you like to know how to earn extra cash from Spadegaming? follow three tricks the next time you play:

Stay calm

Yes, the first trick is very simple. Online casino players get frustrated when things don’t go as planned. You should keep in mind that online slots regularly give away jackpots. You may win a jackpot when you least expect it — such as when your account is nearly empty. So, don’t lose hope!

Increase your wager

Playing online slots takes time. Plan how you are going to increase your bets and study when the game is most likely to give a jackpot. Online slots often award jackpots after 12 to 14 rounds. On the 11th round, you might want to increase your bet. However, this is not a fixed formula to play. We would also suggest learning more about specific games from YouTube game reviews.

Choose the game you like

Spadegaming games are popular for a reason. Their spectacular and stunning themes and characters create an exciting gaming experience. You should search for the game that is most appealing to you. For instance, if you like pirates, you might consider playing Captain Gold Fortune. Or if you are interested in retro-themed slots, you might want to play Double Flame.


Spade Gaming is one of the most reliable developers. It is trusted by players and casinos in different regions all over the world. In the past 10 years, the company’s developers have released over 100 online casino games. Every games has their own characters, make it enjoyable and easy to play.

Apart from being played and enjoyed worldwide, Spadegaming also has large potential in growing. It is one of the few game operators that expanding in Europe, Latin America and Eastern European.

All things considered, Spadegaming is worth your time to play. And there is nothing better than play these games at your favourite casino!

Explore top Spadegaming products on BP77 trusted online casino Malaysia today!

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