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Since the internet is more and more accessible, most of the modern businesses value online presence much more than they used to, and some have even abandoned their offline store completely. 

Same goes for the gambling industry. Casino fans now get their fix online, yet that doesn’t mean games with human dealers, which used to be found only in actual casinos, have lost their charm. Most people still long for an authentic casino setting, but the problem is it’s too bothersome for them to go to gambling venues – that’s when online live casinos Singapore come into play.

Top Trending Live Casino Games in Singapore

Let’s first discuss some of the live casino fans’ favorites: Baccarat, Blackjack Roulette, Poker, Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo. 

Live Baccarat

Asian fans who love Dragon Tiger will definitely enjoy Baccarat. Now, let us explain this to you right off the bat: Baccarat games in any online live casino Singapore, or any other live studio, are totally different from software-based Baccarat.

Instead of using just 4 or 6 decks of cards like the computerized version, live Baccarat sticks to the standard 52-card set of 8 decks. How points are scored in this game is different from other table games, and the first important thing to remember is that the highest possible score in Baccarat is nine.

Live Blackjack

This game is probably a favorite of every casino fan from all around the world, including, and especially those from Singapore. How popular is it online? Let’s just say no online live casino Singapore will ever be complete without this game.

There’s more than one way to beat the dealer in blackjack. The simplest one is that you must be in possession of a hand worth more than the dealer’s, just that it must be less than or equal to 21. Alternatively, if the dealer’s total exceeds 21, they will be ‘busted’ and you win.

Online Roulette

Roulette has to be the most basic game in the entire casino game universe. Apart from getting used to the numbers on the wheel and the different standard types of bets, there’s not much else to learn. It’s a pure luck-based game, so basically you have to be lucky to get that ivory ball to land on a number you choose – out of 36.

Online Poker Card Games

While some see poker as not suitable for those who are just getting started, we think poker is a great way to keep your brain sharp. We’re not at all surprised when gambling gurus reveal that people who are good at math have the upper hand in this game. Poker players must be able to do odds calculations and assess all the probabilities in a short burst of time to make the right call.

Sic Bo Online

We always think of Sic Bo as the Chinese version of roulette. There’s no wheel in this game, though. The only items on the table are three dice, not much to look at.

What’s much to look at is, actually, your betting panel (which looks like some sort of keypad). Those multiple buttons are all the betting options that are available. Just to give you a few examples, Sic Bo players can bet on a single number, meaning that they choose any number between 1-6. Or they can bet on the total outcome of three dice. What truly piques our interest about this game is that a player can place as many bets as he/she wants at once. Each bet has its own odds of winning or losing, completely unaffected by other bets placed by the player.

Live Dragon Tiger

The name of this game somewhat reminds us of Michelle Yeoh’s Oscar-winning film. Apparently, the two animals, particularly revered in Chinese culture, represent two equally powerful rivals fighting for dominance.

This leads us to presenting this simple, fast-paced game. In this game, the dealer will divide cards into two stacks, one for ‘Tiger’ and another for ‘Dragon’. What players have to do to start the game (pretty much their only task) is click on the panel on their screens to place a bet, of which there are three choices: Dragon, Tiger or a tie. The dealer, who will stand between the two decks for the rest of the gameplay, will draw one card from each stack. Whichever card has the highest value wins.

World Class Live Casino Software Providers 2024

Here is the list of eight live casino providers with the most advanced live streaming software and an array of casino games lineups.

Evolution Gaming

Let’s start by talking about Evolution Gaming, the staple name that every online live casino Singapore needs to have in their gaming library. The firm holds a license issued by the Gambling Commission (GB), the most prestigious gambling regulator in Great Britain, which, goes without saying, guarantees the quality and safety of their games. Their live games can be broadly grouped into 5 categories; live Roulette, live Baccarat, live Blackjack, live Poker and live Craps.

Sexy Baccarat

Sexy Baccarat is the hub of all the casino favorites. They have everything under their umbrella, from classic poker to sports betting. The Singapore-based company puts its clients’ convenience first, and promotes itself as an all-in-one gambling service. Their live games are broadcast in the best possible quality, and run smoothly on both desktops and mobile devices. As a bonus, all of their live games are hosted by well-trained, professional dealers who are highly intuitive and easy on the eyes.

Asia Gaming

As its name suggests, Asia Gaming is an influential player in the Asian gambling industry. The 11-year business experience has allowed them to cultivate advanced technologies ahead of their competitors. The software specifically designed for its live dealer games is called AGIN, which is applied to its Sic Bo, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Bull Bull (or Niu Niu, as some call it) and Roulette, creating the most genuine and impressive casino gaming experience we have ever had.

SA Gaming

This European company is a perfect fusion of eastern and western concepts. Also, product wise, SA Gaming has an interesting selection of live games, including those famous ones that originated in India like Teenpatti 20-20 and Andar Bahar, as well as Thai players’ favorites like Pok Deng. Also included are classics like Sic Bo, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, and Roulette. This diverse, unique collection of live games is the reason SA Gaming has recently earned the title of Developer of the Year. 

WM Casino

Here is another platform that has its roots right here in Merlion land. WM Casino first opened its doors in 2003 and things have been looking up for them ever since. Apart from their instant play slot games, which are also their star item, the comprehensive list of live games WM Casino offers is what sets them apart from the crowded competition. Presently, the company is looking forward to expanding its markets in the other parts of the world.


Any self-respecting online live casino Singapore must have Microgaming on their list of live dealer game rooms. The company has been around since 1994 and continues to be a leading innovator since then. There is an array of live games at Microgaming, and what we find particularly interesting about their live games is that the version of roulette is available in both single and multiplayer modes.


Playtech is an Estonian private firm with 24 years of experience. The company states that they have 3 major studios built solely for its live stream game production. One thing we can’t deny about Playtech is the HD quality of streaming videos and also excellent audio quality, which are two factors that are crucially important when betting live. Their live games, loosely grouped, are: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker (with several variations), Hi-Lo, and Sic Bo. Also worth mentioning is that there are side bet options for these games, including 21+3 bets.


Although AllBet is quite new compared to others on our list, the company is far from being unreliable. It operates under licenses from two of the world’s most reputable gaming authorities. The Asian company is growing fast and currently developing markets in Europe as well. It is run by a group of visionaries who are, clearly, not scared of trying new things. Their live games library may contain classic titles that many others also carry, but what they have is, in fact, a really unique feature set. The multi-play function, for example, allows users to see up to 12 scorecards and 4, 8, 16 or even 32 tables at once.

What Makes BP77 Live Casino Games So Special?

Now that we’ve learned about the major players in the live games market. Let’s also discover the best online live casino Singapore with all those live game studios on its platform: BP77 Singapore.

Lucrative Promotions & Bonuses Available

If you’re a regular gambler, you’ll know how important bonuses are, and BP77 knows that too. The platform not only offers the most generous bonuses, but their deals also come with reasonable terms and conditions, so players are likely to get the most out of their investment. 

Here are some examples of how players can benefit from BP77’s offers. Right from the start, you’ll get a 100% welcome bonus, followed by a 10% reload bonus after a new deposit. The reload bonus, if we may highlight it, is actually split into 4: a reload bonus for live casino, a reload bonus for slots, a reload bonus for sports, and a reload bonus for fishing games / slot games from some of the particular game vendors. The bottom line is, you can claim multiple reload bonuses while playing different games – that’s something you won’t find with other gaming platforms.

BP77 takes fair gaming seriously. The company only partners with certified software providers and gaming studios that meet world standards. The website itself is regularly audited by reputable outside firms and operates under the most prestigious licenses, guaranteeing that players can enjoy their time gambling worry-free.

Innovative Live Casino Games

BP77 is the most comprehensive online live casino Singapore. The company works with 14 live casino operators, all of which are highly regarded on the global stage for their innovative technologies, of course. The reason BP77 is super selective with its partners is because customer satisfaction is their top priority, which is why they want the players to benefit from only the best, genuine casino gaming experience. BP77 also makes sure that their partners must supply different game options, not only the classics but also niche live gaming options that aren’t available elsewhere in Asia.

Mobile Friendly Casino Platform

Mobility and convenience are keys to the hearts of today’s online casino goers, and BP77 excels at both. The platform is available in a mobile version, allowing users to access live games, fishing games, slots and other betting options anywhere and whenever they want. Icing on the cake is, just like the desktop version, the platform functions smoothly on mobile devices with lightning-fast loading.

Start Your Gambling Journey with BP77 Top Live Casino Singapore

What could be better than gambling with the most trusted and, equally so, the most financially rewarding online casino on the internet like BP77? BP77 is the best all-around gambling site in Asia, and the staggering increase in its player base across the region proves its excellence. What we’ve explained above about BP77 is just to give you an idea of some of its perks, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We guarantee that BP77 has so much more in store, and there’s no better way to find out about the rest than to see for yourself.

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1. Which is the best live casino?

BP77 has 14 live casino providers in store. You can choose to play based on your preferences. All live games on our platforms are from the top casino studios that guarantee fair play.

2. Can I play live casino on my phone?

Yes. BP77 is also available for mobile devices. You can now enjoy live games on the go.

3. Can I play live casino online for real money?

Of course, just like in actual casinos, you are rewarded real money when your bet wins

4. How do I withdraw money from playing live casino games?

Your winnings will be deposited into your account. Following that, you can withdraw your funds using the method you prefer.